Every time the idea of a Goa trip sprang in my mind, like a little fluttering butterfly, I found it harder to stay away. It’s funny how few places literally grow on your skin, layer after layer. Eventually we travel different destinations, quite often mentally, before taking that first step.

Goa Beach Holidays

Goa Beach Holidays

And sometimes, when you look back, the image of that destination—the idea of it—sticks in your memory for so long.

Something similar happened with me, during my recent Goan Beach Tour. An episode I am still trying to make sense of.

Last month, I chose Goa beaches travel package. It was customised—more personalised than other travel packages I had chosen in the past—and much more relaxing than what I had fathomed. To get the topography of this small state bordering Karnataka and Maharashtra, it is better to differentiate its beaches in Goa into north and south.

Starting with a motor bike ride to Anjuna Beach, located close to Mapusa in North Goa, I was quite captivated to witness the hustle and bustle of Anjuna Flea Market that Wednesday. Be it skydivers or hippies, I could spot an eclectic mix, especially in the popular nightclubs like Curlies and Paradiso near Anjuna beach. Rather than literally jaunting beaches in a spate of encounters, my Goa Beach Packages were tailor-made for ample breathing space.

Turning to the ‘Queen of all Beaches’, I went ahead to explore Calangute—one of the largest beaches in North Goa—with extreme fervour. Most of the foreign tourists simply love to unwind here, especially during summers when nothing recharges better than sun-bathing. In fact, I heard that it’s downright impossible to grab your space during Christmas and New Year. Ah, you can imagine how scintillating it might be then and still is! Several water sports like water skiing and para sailing are available at Calangute Beach in North Goa.

Few days later, after soaking in the other historical marvels of Goa—like churches, forts and national parks—I chose to explore Candolim Beach. Situated approximately 14 km away from Panaji, it is also quite famous for the historic Fort Aguada established nearby. But more than all of these geographical details, what really appealed to me was Calangute’s enigmatic history. For example, how would you react if you came to know that it was the birth place of ‘Father of Hypnotism?’ Just imagine the kind of stories that are a part of this beach, often unheard and untold. And to add to that, you can even fish here.

Parasailing on Goa Beach

Parasailing on Goa Beach

Lastly, trying to taste the air of South Goa, I headed for Palolem beach. Along with few foreign tourists, lazily settled in their Thai-style shacks and enjoying the solitude provided by the location, you can also spot several local fishermen, carrying out their daily chores. Out of all the beaches, I found it to be quite pristine and chaste, in its own way. Recently, it has also developed as a ‘pilgrimage destination’ especially for those trying to fulfil their spiritual quest.

Amidst all of this, I got ample time to even contemplate. Looking back at my life—like a third person—I could feel settled in spite of the travelling involved. Or perhaps, at peace.

That’s what Goa did with me.

How about you? When you are going to opt for Goa beach holidays. Hurry up, if you can. After all, not everywhere you get to have conversations with yourself.

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